The Louisiana Council on Human Relations

and the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations

This joint LCHR-BRCHR web site is under construction  combining the former separate web sites.  

There are no changes in the addresses. This site comes up with either of the former addresses: and



Newsletter first quarter 2004

Newsletter second quarter 2004

Newsletter third quarter 2004

Newsletter fourth quarter 2004  Louisiana Council (pdf file)   Baton Rouge Council

Newsletter first quarter 2005 (pdf file) (Ignore the overlay, we used a free trial pdf converter.)

Newsletter second quarter 2005    (pdf file)

Newsletter third quarter 2005 (pdf file)

Newsletter fourth quarter 2005 (pdf file)

Newsletter first quarter 2006(pdf file)  (vol 42 no.2  -- the conversion to pdf  lost this bit of information)

Newsletter.second quarter 2006 (pdf file)

Newsletter third quarter 2006 (pdf file)

Newsletter fourth quarter 2006 (pdf file)

Newsletter first quarter 2007 (pdf file)

Newsletter second quarter 2007 (pdf file)

Newsletter third quarter 2007

Newsletter fourth quarter 2007

Newsletter first quarter 2008

Newsletter second quarter 2008

Newsletter third quarter 2008

Newsletter fourth quarter 2008

Newsletter first quarter 2009

Newsletter second quarter 2009

Newsletter third quarter 2009

Newsletter fourth quarter 2009

Newsletter first quarter 2010

Newsletter second quarter 2010   

Newsletter third quarter 2010

Newsletter fourth quarter 2010

Newsletter first quarter 2011

Newsletter second quarter 2011 (A scanned file, large and slow)

Newsletter third quarter 2011 pdf

Newsletter fourth quarter 2011 pdf

Newsletter first quarter 2012 pdf

Newsletter second quarter 2012 pdf

Newsletter third quarter 2012 pdf

Newsletter fourth quarter 2012 pdf

Newsletter first quarter 2013 pdf

Newsletter second quarter 2013 pdf

Newsletter third quarter 2013 pdf

Newsletter fourth quarter 2013 pdf

Newsletter first quarter 2014 pdf

Newsletter second quarter 2014.pdf

Newsletter third  quarter 2014.pdf

Newsletter fourth quarter 2014.pdf

Newsletter first quarter 2015.pdf

Newsletter second quarter 2015.pdf

Newsletter third quarter 2015.pdf

Newsletter fourth quarter 2015.pdf

Newsletter first quarter 2016.pdf

Newsletter second quarter 2016.pdf


President's report 2002-2003

President's report 2003-2004

President's report  2004-2005

President's report 2005-2006

President's report 2006-2007

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