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The Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations

Richard Haymaker, President, 254 Nelson Drive Baton Rouge, LA  70808

May 29, 2004

Letter of Invitation to Join the Coalition

The Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations was founded in 1965 to work against segregation, to help improve race relations and to increase opportunities for all people.   We are writing to you because your organization is known to the community in some or all these areas.  We  are writing  about an initiative which we hope will increase interactions between  groups that are working for social justice goals.

We have remained active these many years.   Our activities have  included public educational forums and position papers on important social issues and an annual humanitarian award.  

This coalition is not a new organization.  Rather we would like to implement a network and communication link as a resource for its members in their advocacy efforts.    The Council offers to be the hub.   We will keep a roster of organizations forming the coalition.  We will post a brief description of each organization and contact information on our website.

Enclosed is a statement explaining in more detail how the coalition can operate.   After some experience with this initial effort, we are open to consideration of other ways of increasing our voices.   

 We would like to invite you to join or if you wish to meet with us and learn more about this initiative.


Sincerely yours, 



Richard Haymaker


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