The Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations



Humanitarian Awards Ceremony



Fr. Elmer S. Powell             Rabbi Marvin M. Reznikoff






            In 1978, the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations began recognizing Baton Rouge citizens who have helped to achieve the goals of the organization: to eliminate prejudice and discrimination and to foster better human relations.  Usually two persons are chosen each year to receive humanitarian awards.


In 1993, the Council decided to name its awards after the late Fr. Elmer S. Powell, former Pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, and  the late Rabbi Marvin M. Reznikoff, former spiritual leader of Liberal (now Beth Shalom) Synagogue.   Both served on the Board of Directors, made significant contributions toward improving human relations in the Baton Rouge community, and were made life members of the Council.




1978:    Dr. Dupuy H. Anderson

            Dr. Ralph M. Dreger


1981:    Mr. J. D. DeBlieux

            Mrs. Annie A. Smart


1982:    Mrs. Hester Sobel           

            Mr. A. R. Williams


1983:    Mr. Hoyt Cragg   

            Mrs. Annie B. Knox


1984:    Dr. Paul Y. Burns

            Mr. Willis V. Reed


1985:    Mrs. Roberta Madden

            Dr. Press Robinson


1986:    Mrs. Eva R. Legard

            Mrs. Harriet Sento

            Mrs. Mary B. Wall


1987:    Dr. Yousef Danesh

            Mrs. Rupert F. Richardson


1988:    Mr. Richard Goldberger

            Mrs. Doucette Pascal


1989:    Mr. William P. Black

            Mrs. Evelyn C. Hollins


1990:    Dr. Hilda C. M. Arndt

            Dr. Huel D. Perkins


1991:    Dr. Raymond B. Floyd      

            Mrs. Dorothy L. Stubbs


1992:    Mrs. Marian Baun

            Maj. Reginald R. Brown


1993:    Rabbi Barry Weinstein

            Mr. A. Z. Young


1994:    Rev. Christopher Andrews

            Dr. Rogers J. Newman

            Dr. Valerian E. Smith



1995:    Mrs. Eileen R. Armstrong

            Mr. Jewel J. Newman


1996:    Ms. Mercedese Broussard

            Mr. Robert B. Holtman

            Mr. Horatio Thompson


1997:    Prof. Florence T. Robinson

            Mr. Patrick Shingleton



1998:    Mrs. Mary Frey Eaton

            Mr. Claude Doucette



1999:    Dr. Laura F. Cassidy

            Dr. William M. Cassidy

            Dr. James E. Cross


2000:    Dr. Margaret Pereboom

            Dr. Robert L. Ford


2001:    Rev. Mary Moody

            Mr. Roger Guissinger


2002:    Mrs. Pat McCallister-LeDuff

            Rev. Dr. Steve Crump


2003:    Ms. Willie C. Johnson

            Rev. Philip Woodland


2004:   Mr. Thomas Gess

            Mrs.  Kathy Gess

            Rev. Charles  T. Smith


2005:    Mr. Johnny A. Jones Sr.

            Ms. Martha White

            Ms. Gertrude “Trudi” K. Meyers


2006:    Dr. Aileen Hendricks

            Mr. Thomas Woods


2007:    Rev. Betty B. Claiborne

            Rev. Randy Nichols


2008:    Dr. Holley Galland

            Rev. William King


2009:    Mrs. Mildred M. Clark

            Mr. Fredrick J. Bahlinger