Background on Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations༯span>July쯳pan>2004


Mission Statement


The purpose of the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations are: To foster mutual understanding and acceptance among all persons in the area; to discourage discrimination based on race, age gender, religion, or national or ethnic group membership;쯳pan>to counteract prejudice and discrimination directed toward any person or group; to seek to remove impediments to equality of opportunity, especially for those in poverty; and to cooperate with appropriate local, state, regional, national and international agencies in the attainment of these purposes.


Recent쯳pan>BRCHR Sponsored Forums ,쯳pan>Speakers, and Membership meetings (last five years).


10/19/99 ࠠࠠ School Vouchers ᠳtep for Better Education?

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Rick Omdal -- PAR

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Noel Hammatt -- EBR School Bd.

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>John Devlin쯳pan>-- LSU Law Center

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Rev. Donald Avery 쳴1:place w:st="on">St. John쯳t1:City> United Methodist,쯳pan>Moderator

Univ. Presbyterian Church, 60 persons attended


2/15/00ࠠࠠ༯span>Children in Poverty

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Randy Ewing -- Past President Louisiana Senate

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Sandra Adams -- Maternal & Child Health Coalition

ﳰan>ࠠࠠ Gwen Hamilton -- Governorèildrenábinet

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Jay Dardenne -- State Senator

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Sharon Weston Broome --State Representative

ﳰan>ࠠࠠ Beth Courtney -- President LA Public Broadcasting,쯳pan>Moderator

Co-sponsored with Council for a Better Louisiana쯳pan>(CABL) and the Greater Baton Rouge Federation of Churches and Synagogues.튼/span>Over 300 persons attended


9/14/200ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Open Board & Membership meeting to discuss priorities

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>University United Methodist Church


10/10/00 ࠠࠠ Tax Reform

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Jim Richardson --Director, LSU Public Administration

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Jim Brandt --쯳pan>President,쯳pan>Public Affairs Research Council쯳pan>(PAR)

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Karen Anderson쯳pan>-- News Director, WRKF, Moderator

Univ. Presbyterian church


3/15/01ࠠࠠ༯span>Is there life after LEAP test

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Mary Louise Jones 쳴1:place w:st="on">Louisiana State Dept. of Education

ﳰan>ࠠࠠ Margaret Pereboom --쯳pan>Child Psychologist and Children튁dvocate

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Arnold Brown --쯳pan>Principal Prescott Middle School

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Patricia Smith, -- EBR Parish School Board

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Dr. Clyde Johnson 㯵thern University,쯳pan>Moderator


10/30/01ࠠࠠ쯳pan> Does Criminal Justice System Serve All?

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Dr. Cecile GuinSchool of Social Work,쯳pan>Presenter

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Roberta Madden 㯭munity Policing, |Community Policing Respondent

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Lt. Co. H.쯳pan>Whitehorn 졍 State Police, Race and Law Enforcement Respondent

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Linda Grayson 쳴1:City w:st="on">Dixon Correctional Institute, Restorative Justice Respondent

Rev. Jennifer Jones쯳pan>-- Working Interfaith Network,쯳pan>What can we do Respondent

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Richard Haymaker 㰡n style='mso-spacerun:yes'>쯳pan>LSU Dept of Physics and Astronomy,༯span>Moderator

Catholic Life Center



3/20/02ࠠࠠ༯span>Working from Poverty to Promise 䁎F

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Rev. Mark Barwick ﲧanizer,쯳pan>Bread for the World Renewal and Reform

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Ann Williamson -- Asst. Sec, La Dept. of Human Serv. How it is Working in La.

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Becky Rainer and Ms. James 沩ends for Families༯span>Improving Grass Roots

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Susan Hymel 㯮sultant, MEDAL, One project that is working

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Rep. Wm Daniel & Sen. Kip Holden

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Dena Morrison 쳴1:Street w:st="on">Family Road쯳pan>Moderator

Co-sponsored with Bread for the World, BR chapter Catholic Community Services, Bienville House, YWCA, AFL/CIO,꼯span>Human Relations Consortium,꼯span>Greater BR Fed. Of Churches and Synagogues.쯳pan>Turnout 100,쯳pan>noted importance of involving other groups in planning.

University United Methodist Church



4/8/02࠼/span>襠Act To Leave No Child Behindﺰ>

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President, Childrenĥfense Fund

Co-Sponsored with the Greater Baton Rouge Childrenïalition

Hundreds of people turned out.

Large Auditorium at the Catholic Life Center


11/14/02ࠠࠠ쯳pan>School Vouchers

Speaking in favor:쯳pan>

Danny Shelton, Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge

Fanny Godwin, Citizen Activist;༯span>

Speaking against:

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Carol Davis,쯳pan>Louisiana Association of Educators

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Fred Skelton, American Federation of Teachers

Moderator: Patrice Niquille, East Baton Rouge Parish School Board

University United Methodist Church


05/08/03ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Issues Facing the Next Governor

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Economic Development:쯳pan>Skip Smart, Asst. Sec. Dept. of쯳pan>Economic Development

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>State Finances: ﳰan>John Rombach, Legislative Fiscal Officer, Legislative Fiscal office

Healthcare:쯳pan>James Brexler,꼯span>CEO, LSU Health Sciences Center, Health Care Service Division

Poverty and Race: Doug Leyda, Bd. Member The Greater Baton Rouge Federation of Churches and Synagogues

Education:쯳pan>Dr. Sally Clausen, President, The University of Louisiana System

Moderator:༯span>Karen Henderson,쯳pan>News Director, WRKF

Co-sponsored by The Greater Baton Rouge Federation of Churches and Synagogues, The YWCA of Greater Baton Rouge, and the Louisiana Health Care Campaign

First쯳pan>United Methodist Church


2/19/04ࠠࠠ༯span>Open Board & Membership Meeting

ࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Speaker:༯span>Dr. Annette Bookter,쯳pan>Human Resources Director, East Baton Rouge꼯span>City-Parish Government


4/20/04 ࠠࠠ쯳pan>⾓tand up for Children⡬ly on Capitol Steps, Governor Blanco speaker

ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Co-sponsored with the Greater Baton Rouge Childrenïalition.༯span>Hundreds of people attended.쯳pan>About 70 more organizations joined as partners.


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