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a network and communication link
an initiative of the baton rouge council on human relations

an umbrella coalition of groups that :

 1.  have within their general mission the following:

promoting racial justice and economic opportunity for all

                         combating racism

2.  promote their mission through some of the following:

                        monitoring the political process

                        educating the public

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                        honoring those who exemplify this mission

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to increase the effectiveness of those who advocate for racial and economic justice by collaborating, by organizing advocacy efforts through the following means

1.      we will seek to  identify organizations whose missions fall within this advocacy umbrella and post a roster  of organization profiles, the number  people they represent and contact information  on our web site.    we can learn better what our total numbers are.  this can provides an avenue for us to get to know each other better.  

2.      there is a need for a calendar of events by coalition members.    if a member would like to plan an event jointly, or publicize one of their events,  or avoid conflicting times for events,  then the roster and calendar would be a resource.    there are now two new web based event calendars rougepages.com and on the  wafb.com website.  we propose that the coalition use these sites rather than develop their own.   we will also try to develop email  communication and/or web postings that point to the above event calendars.

3.      a coalition member may also wish to alert others to a critical issue that needs citizen lobbying.

4.  after some experience with this initial effort, we are open to consideration of other ways of increasing  our  voices.

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there are no requirements.  continue doing what you are doing.   however you may wish to turn requirements.  continue doing what you are doing.   however you may wish to turn to the coalition to increase your voice.  further, other coalition members may reach out to you to increase their voice through you.  we encourage all members to have versatile communication methods with their members, including email and a web site as we are striving to do.  

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this coalition is built around the advocacy for one particular issue defined by the  resolution.  organizations may have broader priorities, but on this issue this advocacy coalition can be a resource.

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