LCHR Position Papers



A. Affirmative Action: 3/16/91

B. The Death Penalty: 9/28/96

C. Dialogue on Race Relations in America: 7/19/97

D. Prison Reform: 9/20/97

E. Poverty: 9/20/97

F. Labor Organizations: 1/17/04

G. Police-Community Relations: 10/18/97

H. Womenís Rights: 10/18/97

I. Against Discrimination on the Basis of Ethnic/National Origin: 10/18/97

J. Formation of Local Councils of LCHR: 10/18/97

K. Education: 1/10/98

L.The  Disenfranchisement of Felons: 10/12/2002 

M. Labor: 1/17/2004

N. Institutional Racism and the Jena Affair:  4/12/2008

O. The War on Drugs:  1/17/2009