The Louisiana Council on Human Relations

and the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations

This joint LCHR-BRCHR web site is under construction  combining the former separate web sites.  

There are no changes in the addresses. This site comes up with either of the former addresses: and

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Welcome to the joint LCHR-BRCHR Website.

A Council Devoted to the Attainment of Equal Opportunity for All People

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6/15/2003 A number of our founding members were organizers of the 1953 Baton Rouge Bus Boycott, including Willis Reed,   and the late Dupuy Anderson.

5/28/2004 Advocacy Coalition launched on this website

6/1/2004  the LSU's Manship School of Mass communication has started The Forum on Race and the Media in order to improve media diversity.

8/25/2004 The Voices of Civil Rights Bus Tour comes to Baton Rouge

4/4/2005  New York Times Op-Ed contribution by Sister Helen Prejean concerning her communication with Pope on the issue of capital punishment and his response.


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